Bernoulliborg – Groningen

Academy Building of the University of Groningen

In 1999, Octatube created a glass structure at the Academy Building of the University of Groningen. This reception room, known as the ‘Mirror Room’, was designed by Mick Eekhout. The elegant construction of elliptical tubes is characterized by a kinked roof surface with square glass panels at an angle. The glass roof is only accessible using fall protection.

Here, Octatube Services carries out various maintenance tasks – 15 years after the construction of the steel and glass structure. The maintenance performed includes inspecting all gutters and sealant joints, and cleaning the glass.

Octatube Services also performed repair work on the double skin façade of the Bernoulliborg in Groningen. The involvement in this project came from the maintenance of atrium roofs that were realized by Octatube in 2007. The work takes place annually.

In 2020, Octatube Services also received the challenging task of replacing all under-rubbers of the double skin façade of the Bernoulliborg, built by third parties. Using rope-access techniques and a self-developed tool, all parts of the façade could be reached.

Maintenance work often serves an aesthetic purpose, but is also essential in preventing possible leaks and other damage. In addition, the lifespan of glass structures is significantly extended by regular maintenance.