Glazen Muziekzaal – Tilburg

Reuse of material is on top of the agenda within Octatube Services department. De ‘Glazen Zaal’ a design by Mick Eekhout and realized by Octatube in 1990, is rebuilt in the LocHal in city centre of Tilburg. The former concert hall use to be at the ‘Beurs van Berlage’ hall hosted the Dutch phillarmonic orchestra in Amsterdam.

The space-frame and part of the glass is mounted on floor lever with special hoists, it was lifted till just below the industrial ceiling. Six columns placed on specially designed concrete foundation support the spaceframe. 3 diagonal braced ensure the structures stability. The glass facades are hanging, like a curtain, with tow bars on the spaceframe.

Services has delivered the structure in October 2018 to the client. The multi-functional building is used since start 2018 and the glass hall is now used for lectures and readings.

Adjust, maintain or refit of old Octatube projects to new desired of end-users is one of the core missions of Octatube Services.

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