Music Pavilion Haarlemmerhout

On behalf of the Municipality of Haarlem, the Music Pavilion in Haarlemmerhout was renovated. The design by architect Wiek Rölling dates back to 1984. Due to the actions of vandals, several windows had been broken. In addition, leak marks and residue from the surrounding vegetation caused severe degradation. Octatube Services completely refurbished the pavilion and restored it to its former glory.

The unique geometry consists of a steel structure with laminated and tempered glass, attached by a combination of stainless steel clamp plates and clamp strips. During the restoration, a part of the glass attachment was recoated and then reinstalled. At Octatube Services, reuse is a priority. We strive not only to extend the lifespan of exceptional buildings but also the lifespan of high-quality materials.

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