Paperdome – Demountable Dome-structure

The Paperdome was the first cardboard project collaboratively executed by Octatube and architect Shigeru Ban. Choreographer Jeanette van Steen initiated the project by asking architect Shigeru Ban to design a temporary theater. The Japanese architect designed a dome with a span of 30 meters, based on a 10-frequency subdivision and consisting of cardboard tubes.

It was produced and installed in IJburg (Amsterdam) in the spring of 2003 within seven weeks. After six weeks of performances by a dance company the dome was disassembled and stored. In the summer of 2004 it was reconstructed in the district Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht. Its function then became a multipurpose space for this VINEX neighborhood. Only in the spring of 2012 the dome has been disassembled for the second time.. The Paperdome is owned by the municipality Amsterdam-North and s still waiting for a new purpose.