Replacing Glass Without a Crane?

Using Octatube Services’ in-house developed small, agile, and robust tripod support system, along with the rope access techniques employed by our specialists, the damaged window in the cable-supported glass atrium roof of the striking blue Bernoulliborg building was successfully replaced. Located on the campus of the University of Groningen, this window initially seemed reachable only with a heavy tower crane, which would have required closing off a section of the campus area. However, thanks to the innovative tripod solution, the tower crane was unnecessary, allowing the campus to remain open without interruption. This approach not only facilitated the project but also contributed to reducing CO2 emissions by avoiding the need to deploy heavy machinery indoors or outdoors.

Do you also have a damaged window that is difficult to access? Or do you want to replace glass with reduced environmental impact? Octatube Services is ready to assist you in finding the best and smartest solution.