Blackrock Village Centre – Dublin

Blackrock Village Centre, located in the south of Dublin city (Ireland), offers an attractive shopping experience. Octatube Services has been commissioned to maintain this shopping centre’s beautiful glass canopy and replace glass panels when necessary.

Striking canopy

The glass roof with a roof area of 1100 m2 was designed by ALTU Architects and realised by Octatube. It is a steel grid shell with limited connection points: three columns and an edge beam. On the grid are relatively thin glass panels. The canopy rests on three tree-shaped columns that branch below the grid and lift the structure above the roofs of the surrounding buildings. This creates an open climate with natural ventilation in the space below. Seen from above, the steel trees have a diameter of 9 metres.

Crane-free maintenance

Octatube Services carries out general maintenance of the glass and steel structure. For example, we check the sealant seams and wash the glass panels. When necessary we replace the glass panels. We do not use a crane for this. Significant advantage is that the shopping centre can remain open to the public. Only a small part needs to be closed.

In this way, we improve the appearance and life-span of this glass canopy.