Capital C – Amsterdam

The special glass gridshell roof of Capital C in Amsterdam requires specialist maintenance due to its challenging shape, accessibility and application of pv-integrated glass. Octatube Services visits this unique project annually to provide this maintenance.

High-quality parametric design

The large dome – a design by ZJA – is 45x21x10 metres, has two floors and was realised by Octatube. It is high-quality and innovative. The roof has a free form that was determined and technically designed with a parametric computer model. The design approaches the faceted look of a diamond as a reference to the building’s original function. A BIPV system is incorporated into the glass panels creating shade under the roof. BIPV always has a two-in-one function that combines the generation of solar energy with roofing, facades or glass.

Safety rails

A free form with PV-integrated glass on a roof in the centre of Amsterdam requires specialist maintenance. By combining specially designed safety rails with rope-access techniques, the Octatube Services team can reach all parts of the dome for maintenance and inspection. Without the use of cranes and road closures.