De Markthal – Rotterdam

Markthal in Rotterdam, known for its iconic cable net glass facades, is under annual maintenance by Octatube Services.

The cables form a tensioned net that makes up the structure of the 34 x 41 meter large glass facade. The net of cables functions similarly to a tennis racket. Where the net of a tennis racket springs in when hit by a ball, the cable net facade of the Markthal does this with wind load, up to 70 centimeters. To accommodate this, the cables are set in spherical hinges which are concealed in the floor and behind the aluminum wall panels of the Markthal.

Due to this movement of the facades, the cables and all connections of the facades are considerably stressed. Octatube Services monitors the cables of the facades annually by measuring the tension using hydraulic measuring equipment. In addition, the ball hinges, cable nodes, sealant joints, and cables are visually inspected for damage or imperfections in order to maintain control over this complex facade.