ECHO – TU Delft

Echo is a new building on the Delft University of Technology campus in the Netherlands. It is an educational facility for all faculties with a wide variety of teaching spaces that acts as an attractive meeting place with many places to eat and drink. Octatube Services is responsible for replacing broken glass panels and solving minor problems.

UNStudio’s design follows the principles of circularity as much as possible and meets TU Delft’s progressive sustainability ambitions. Echo is the first energy-producing building on the TU Campus. The building stands out because of its highly transparent facades. Specially designed, thermally interrupted U-profiles on suspended steel swords keep the 5-metre-high glass panels with their 1,200 kg in place and at the same time absorb high pressure forces and deformations of the ceilings.

Climbing plants on vertically tensioned wires in front of the fa├žade form a dynamic light barrier between the balcony and the roof and filter daylight with their subtle greenery. For any replacement of broken windows, the manufacturer replaces part of the balcony’s sheet panelling.