ECHO – TU Delft

The ECHO is a unique pavilion located at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Designed by Mecanoo Architects, it is a futuristic structure made of glass and steel. The pavilion serves as a meeting place, exhibition space, and venue for events. Octatube was responsible for the engineering and construction of this remarkable architectural project. The ECHO pavilion stands out with its innovative design, featuring curved glass walls and a striking steel roof. The structure was meticulously engineered and assembled to ensure precision and structural integrity. Octatube used advanced glass technology to create the curved glass panels, providing a seamless and transparent appearance. The pavilion’s roof is made of steel ribs that are seamlessly connected, forming a visually stunning and intricate pattern.

Octatube Services has successfully addressed maintenance tasks for the ECHO pavilion, such as the replacement of a broken panel due to impact, and resolution of smaller issues. To facilitate the process, a third-party company, Alucraft, removed a section of the sheet metal fa├žade. The replacement procedure involved the straightforward removal of the old window, installation of the new one, and re-application of silicone.