Experimenta – Heilbronn

Octatube was commissioned to construct a four-story, glass, spiral-shaped structure for the expansion of Experimenta Heilbronn, a science center located in Germany. The structure, designed by Sauerbruch Hutton, floats in the building’s atrium, offering unique views of the surrounding urban landscape. The assembly of the structure posed a significant challenge due to its complexity and the requirement to use a non-standard method of securing the large glass panels with a glued connection.

The unique ceiling of the structure, created by stretching a translucent fabric composed of two layers of foil between steel joists, generates beautiful light effects in combination with overhead LED lights. The construction of the structure was also a logistical challenge, given the limited space in the atrium and the presence of multiple construction teams on site. Nevertheless, Octatube successfully completed the project. The expanded science center now houses around 275 interactive exhibits.

In line with the commitment to ongoing maintenance, Octatube Services assumes responsibility for the annual cleaning and visual inspection of the interior glass facades’ silicone. To access the glass panes, specialized rope-access techniques are employed, ensuring a thorough and efficient process that maintains the appearance of the structure.