Prinsenhof – Delft

Prinsenhof. This museum full of history, features a special canopy that was realized by Octatube in 1997. The courtyard of the museum is covered with a glass roof of 12 by 25 meters. The atrium offers a view on two churches in the surroundings. The project is an early example of the trend to place modern structures next to historical buildings.

The main load bearing structure is self-supporting and stands free from the old buildings, consists of five meters high cylindrical steel columns and 2.5 meters high lenticular trusses. The façade construction is build with steel columns and stainless steel 3D tensegrity trusses, in line with the medieval brickwork. Double glass units are glued on steel arms, cantilevering from the roof trusses.

Octatube Services provides the maintenance for it. Recently, Octatube Services created a new covered walkway there, which forms the connection between the exhibition hall and the church. The glass-covered walkway, part of the museum route, was executed from design to realization with respect for the historic value.