Triodos Bank – Zeist

The building in Driebergen ia an example of sustainable building. Triodos Bank, Octatube and EDGE Technologies are collaborating to find a way to make the facade circular. One possibility is to sell the façade to a consortium of Triodos Bank and Octatube. However it turns out, the Triodos Bank has challenged all parties to build the most sustainable building and to think very consciously about all components within the project.

It involves a glass facade, a unique sustainable wooden floor construction (from PEFC-approved wood), green roofs, a CHP system, high insulation value (RC value is 6) and 3,300 m2 of solar panels on the covered parking lots. The glass façade is self-supporting and consists of 1,280 glass panels connected through the steel structure to the unique sustainable wooden construction.

In the design it has been taken into account that almost the entire building must be able to be dismantled. All components and materials are registered in a Madaster materials passport so they can always be identified for reuse. As part of the ongoing commitment to maintenance, Octatube Services has replaced a triple glass panel on the 3rd floor, 4 years after completion.