Nature Museum – Fryslân

The glass roof over the courtyard of the Fries Natuurhistorisch Museum in Leeuwarden is supported, independently of the existing historic buildings, by four central mast-shaped columns of nineteen meters in length. The multifunctional courtyard has acquired a majestic character with the glass roof. The contrast between old and new enhances the architectural value of both the historic buildings and the roof structure.

The original work was completed in 2004, nearly 20 years laterthe annual cleaning & inspection of the exterior of the roof is being provided by Octatube Services. In addition, several broken windows have already been replaced. The latest action used the self-developed ‘tripod’. This method for replacing roof glass reduces C02 emissions, as the use of a high tower crane can be avoided.

Earlier, Octatube Services also repaired roof glass with this tripod at the Bernoulliborg, part of the University of Groningen.